Car Club Lounge (Design Development)

Assisting a designer out of Connecticut, these Design Development images were created for the club lounge of an exotic car club.

Just shy of 1200 sqft, the design intent of this space was to create a lounge that has a modern chic feel (Madman esc).  Surrounded by full height glass, each member of the car club can relax on the sprawling sectionals and talk cars/sports or whatever, and most important; can keep an eye on their prized possession.  Dark metals, medium wood tones and white cabinetry work together to create a cohesive look and feel.  Metal chains on tracks suspend wooden lounge tables at the wine bar and near the fireplace.  Each table is mobile, and can be moved around the tracks above to create one long table for meetings or large parties.

Work Provided: 3D Design Development Model

Designer: Mari b. Interiors