Financial Firm – Garden City, NY (Design Development)

The focus of this project was to renovate the existing reception area without really affecting the existing mouldings.

The existing space was dark and very dated.  To lighten the place up and give it a more modern feel, we replaced the existing dated wall covering with new lighter wallpaper with golden highlights.  Next, we suggested frosted lumicor panels and stand-of pins below the existing chair rail.  These panels have golden woven threads throughout to bring a punch of color.  We have also updated the wall lighting, existing fixtures were dated traditional brass candelabra lights.  We upgraded them to a tall and slender stainless steel and frosted glass fixture.  Finally, we added new stone flooring.  To keep costs down, we have suggested a extremely thin porcelain tile to be installed overtop of the existing marble flooring.

The last items we suggested are an update to the existing corporate signage to keep with their new branding.  With older locations, most places do not get to see updates to branding and so forth, but with the renovation we took full advantage of this opportunity.