Hotel Renovation – Great Valley, PA (Complete)

This hotel in Great Valley, PA is under going a complete renovation to become more modern, but also keeping in touch with its structures rich history while following closely with the hotel groups design guidelines & standards.
The entire 1st floor is being changed, everything from the Bar/Lounge Area to the Restaurant to the Restrooms.  The Bar Area was opened up with the removal of large bulky millwork pieces and dated bar top while keeping the existing bar structure.  The addition of extra lounge seating allows guests to be more interactive, while having the ability to relax with a drink.

The existing restaurant is housed in 1 of 2 historical buildings attached to this hotel.  The design kept true to the history of the colonial architecture by adding touches of color and period style casings.  Lighting style was upgraded to modern style with a historical feel.

Lastly, the Ballrooms, Meeting Rooms and all Guest Rooms are being upgraded as well.

Work was started in late 2013 and has just recently been completed in September 2015.

Click here to read more about the renovation in Business Week.


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